S 12th St to Arch St – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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1. Head north on S 12th St toward Walnut St and then head toward the next circle you see. Photograph it.

2. Head west on Walnut St toward S 12th St and then follow someone on a bike until s/he is out of sight.

3. Head west on Walnut St toward S 13th St and then flip a coin. Heads? walk forward 100 steps. Tails? walk back 100 steps.

4. Head west on Walnut St toward S Juniper St and then find the nearest tree and sit under it for one minute. Take a photo.

5. Head northwest on S Juniper St toward E Penn Square and then follow someone until they go inside. Take a photo of the door they went through.

6. Head west on John F Kennedy Blvd toward N 15th St and then keep walking and turn right after you pass someone wearing green.

7. Head north on N 15th St toward Arch St and then head toward the river. If there is no river nearby, make one.

8. Turn left onto Arch St and then walk toward the nearest group of people. If there are none, go home.

9. Arch St turns slightly right and becomes Benjamin Franklin Pkwy and then follow a piece of trash blowing down the sidewalk. Take a photo of something else.

10. Turn left onto Arch St


See it on the map

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