Schiekade to Lombardkade – Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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1. Head south on Schiekade toward Delftsestraat and then look for someone wearing blue and follow them for three minutes.

2. Head north on Schiekade and then walk away from the city center for two minutes.

3. Head northeast on Hofdijk toward Vriendenlaan and then ask someone for directions to the nearest park. See if they will join you. Take their photo.

4. Head southwest on Noordplein toward Erasmusstraat and then head toward the sound of traffic. Take a photo of the sound.

5. Head south on Zaagmolenkade toward Noorderbrug and then ask someone to take you to the part of the city they are afraid of. Photograph it.

6. Turn left onto Noorderbrug and then get on a bus or tram and ride for one stop.

7. Turn right onto Jonker Fransstraat and then flip a coin. Heads? walk forward 100 steps. Tails? walk back 100 steps.

8. Head west on Goudsesingel toward Lombardkade and then follow a piece of trash blowing down the sidewalk. Take a photo of something else.


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