Søtorvet to Rolighedsvej – Copenhagen, Denmark

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1. Head southwest on Søtorvet and then head toward the river. If there is no river nearby, make one.

2. Head southwest on Peblinge Dossering toward Baggesensgade and then find something square nearby and photograph it.

3. Head southwest on Wesselsgade toward Korsgade and then walk toward the heart of the city. If the city has no heart, give it one.

4. Turn right onto Korsgade and then keep walking and turn right after you pass someone wearing green.

5. Turn left onto Blågårdsgade and then walk to where there is shade. Take a photo of something inspiring.

6. Turn right onto Åboulevard and then ask someone for directions to a payphone. Call a friend and ask where to go next.

7. Head northwest on Jakob Dannefærds Vej toward Worsaaesvej and then find the next one-way street and walk down it the wrong way.

8. Turn left onto Worsaaesvej and then hitch a ride with a passing car. Find out where it takes you.

9. Turn right onto Rosenørns Alle and then find a dark alley and walk down it. If there are no dark alleys, close your eyes.

10. Head west on Rosenørns Alle toward Erik Menveds Vej and then keep walking until you pass a fire hydrant. Take a photo of it.

11. Continue onto Rolighedsvej
Destination will be on the left


See it on the map

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