Delaware Ave to Rocky River Dr – Cleveland, Ohio

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1. Head west on Delaware Ave toward Lakeland Ave and then find something square nearby and photograph it.

2. Head west on Delaware Ave toward Olive Ave and then find an edge. Walk along it for a few minutes.

3. Head south on Olive Ave toward Lakewood Heights Blvd/N Marginal Dr and then follow someone on a bike until s/he is out of sight.

4. Head south on Woodward Ave toward Fischer Rd and then enter the tallest building nearby and head straight to the top floor. Take a photo.

5. Continue onto W 165th St and then walk to where there is shade. Take a photo of something inspiring.

6. Turn right onto Pilgrim Ave and then hail a taxicab. Ask the driver to take you to his/her favorite place. Ask to take a photo of him/her.

7. Head south on W 165th St toward Pilgrim Ave and then get on a bus or tram and ride for one stop.

8. Turn right onto Pilgrim Ave and then find the next one-way street and walk down it the wrong way.

9. Head west on Pilgrim Ave toward Rocky River Dr and then follow the next red car you see until it is out of sight.

10. Turn left onto Rocky River Dr


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